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About Yogilates is an activity that focuses on the well-being, the harmony of the person. It combines phisical excersises of both Yoga and Pilates together with the psychological, philosophical and spiritual vision of yoga: the creation of a clear, wise, quiet mind. Read more.

About Carlos

Carlos L’Abbate worked for many years as a school teacher and dedicated the better part of his youth working with homeless children and elder people. These profound experiences brought him to many questions about the way people relate to life and death. In 1989, he left Buenos Aires, his native home, and began to search for new understandings and responses to these questions. He traveled extensively and during this period, Carlos studied several techniques (in formal and informal contexts) connected to the body and mind, as well as the basic fundaments to art and philosophy; psychology and health. This combined knowledge and experience makes Carlos’s work a really special and unique practice. Read More..

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Why are we beggars of love? What is a peaceful mind and how can we reach it? What is true freedom? Who am I?

Written by Carlos L’Abbate, the book is a collection of short notes inspired by his search for truth and by the discussions with his students and mentors. No ‘spiritual jargon’, no examples that seem far-fetched. Simple, clear, down-to-earth writing that point to the true nature of ourselves.

“Your words are full of profound meanings. Sometimes they are obvious ideas that we either forgot about or were not able to put into practice – but reading them in your book, so clearly expressed, reminds us of their great importance. Other times, it seems that your thoughts are not obvious at all, and reading them in the book is like opening a new door onto essential secrets. Thank you Carlos so much for helping me come into myself!”

– From a reader


Monday 19:30 Hermitage
Tuesday 19:30 Ota
Wednesday 18:00 World-Class*
Thursday 19:30 Hermitage
Saturday 11:30 Ota

* For more info and addresses you can go here.


200 lei 5 classes subscription valid for 5 weeks
350 lei 10 classes subscription valid for 10 weeks
50 lei for a drop in class

* For more information regarding the World Class pricing, please contact them directly.

The first class is free. Please go through the info here to get more details about the classes. And please send me an email to book your place in the class.