The aim of this blog is to post regularly either some music, or some writing or some painting—some art—that we can use as an excuse to take five minutes (or more) from our busy lives and to bring beauty and wisdom and silence into our every-day life. Beauty, wisdom and silence are three completely useless things from the point of view of practical life, but very useful for a more realized, profound life.

The choice of this beauty and wisdom I will be posting in this blog is not a personal one–it is not just what I like–but it will be based on my understanding of two different principles.

A) The first principle comes from Yoga, and is based on the three basic energies of life. These three energies are called in Sanskrit: Tamas, Rajas and Sattva.

Very briefly,
Tamas is the energy of inertia, dullness and lethargy. For example, the feeling of tiredness.
Rajas is the energy of activity, movement and desire. For example, the feeling of being wired.
Sattva is the energy of creativity, clearness and harmony. For example, the feeling of peaceful alertness.

B) The other principle is based on the power of attention.

Very briefly,
our attention has three possible modes of operation.

The First Mode of Attention is when attention is almost non existent. For example, when doing a repetitive job.
The Second Mode of Attention is when attention is totally taken by the object of attention. For example, watching an action, highly entertaining movie.
The Third Mode of Attention is when the attention needs to be held by a conscious effort. For example, when studying a new, complicated subject.

My choice of beauty and wisdom will be my understanding of the combination of Sattva and the Third Mode of Attention, a kind of beauty and wisdom that, I believe, is worth spending at least 5′ every day.

The way to do this is very simple:

Open the file. It will contain either a painting or some music or some writings.
– If it is a painting, look at the painting for at least 5 minutes.
– If it is some music, listen to the music at least once.
– If it is some writings, read it all at least once, and then spend at least 5 minutes thinking of its meaning.

That is all. During those moments do NOTHING else but that, listen, look, read or think.

For a very good and powerful technique to ‘look’ at these art, please click here.

Some of the art I will be choosing belongs to what is called religious art, but this is not done with religion in mind. I will select here what I believe reflects the kind of energy I was talking above, and this can be found in both, religious and secular art.
My intention will be sending regularly a different selection that is inspiring for me. Since this world of art is enormous we all can find our own favorites. I hope you enjoy mine, and make the time to find yours.

Once in a while, keep coming back to this note. Our possibility of attention, depth and appreciation can mature with time.

Any suggestions or questions are very welcome.

Enjoy yourself,

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