New Class: Presence, Mindfulness and Meditation

Dear friends,
I am very happy to invite you to a class in which we will be able to come closer, understand and practice both, meditation and presence.

My aim with this class is to help you recognize and come closer to this fountain of joy and peace which is in all of us, but generally lies dormant behind all our our worries, stress and anxieties.
Presence is not a magic pill, but it is a very real and concrete asset we all have, but generally are ignorant of it.
The idea behind this event will be similar to what we do during the yoga classes, except that there will be no gym; the whole time will be dedicated to presence and meditation.
If you value presence, or if you see that there may be something good in learning to be more present in your every day life, then I am certain you will appreciate the class very much.
For now it will be only this one class; we will see later if we will do more of them or not. The class is open for all, old meditators and completely new as well.

It is a new approach, and for it to succeed, it needs your support…by this I simply mean, I hope you take some time and come.

As I said before, there will not be any gym at all, which means that you will not need any special kind of clothes, but it will be nice if you could sit and lie on the ground. For that, it will be useful if you like to bring your yoga mat or a towel. Also, if you have a meditation cushion or even a light pillow, please bring it with you.
There will be an introduction to presence, some relaxation exercises, simple but profound breathing practices, different kind of meditations and other exercises that will help us come closer to and recognize presence.
The event will be this Sunday in park Izvor from 11 to 12 AM.
We will meet close to the basketball court, on the side of Cotroceni.

The event is free, but donations will be very welcomed.

If you like to come, you can find the sign up link either in the whatsup group: Yoga of Presence or in the mail I sent Friday 22/9.

Looking forward to share some presence with you,

PS. If you have any questions or suggestions about the class, please feel free to write me in my personal whatsup.

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