Acting in Peace

We all get lost in our minds, in the rat race of going and doing and accomplishing and going again and doing again and accomplishing again more and more and more without end, without pause. We all have the feeling that whatever we have now is not enough and that more can and should be done…

But once in a while, we need to make the effort to stop, even for a moment, and notice (despite all appearances to the contrary) that everything is perfect exactly as it is, exactly as is supposed to be. That every moment is truly the expression – the movement – of the whole universe, and, as such, it cannot be different than precisely what it is. There is not this moment, on one side, and the universe, on the other; this is how it appears to be, but it is not. 

Every moment, this moment right now, is the perfect manifestation of the whole universe, no different than this weather right now, independent of our like or dislike of it, is the perfect combination of temperature, atmospheric pressure, cloud formation, wind and humidity.
Everything that we see, from the room we are in now to the chair we are seated in and everything in between is the whole universe appearing as a room, as a chair and as everything else. 
It is the universe appearing in the form of Carlos writing these words and it is the universe appearing in the form of each one of you reading these words. 
It is the universe appearing as everything, including a mosquito. It is not a mosquito here and a universe over there, but is the whole universe appearing, right here and now, in the form of a mosquito. 
It is the whole universe appearing, right here and now, as one particular person, as one particular situation, as this moment right now. 

…We should not think about this too much, it is very hard for the mind (which depends on the information the senses give it) to see this, but instead, allow a deeper, silent intelligence to come to the surface…

With this vision, even if things and situations are difficult and complex, we have this deep intuition that things are exactly as they are supposed to be, and with this recognition, we relax into what is; we relax into both, what we are and what the world is, we relax into this moment exactly as it is.

It is not a matter of ‘I like it’ or ‘I don’t like it’. This is what the mind does, and it is OK; there is a place for it: I move towards what I like and I move away from what I don’t. That is what we have been doing all along and what everybody is continually doing.

But when we connect to this deeper intuition, we go a lot deeper than that.
We see the universe expressing itself as all and everything, as the little and the big, as the good and the bad, as the pleasant and the unpleasant, as the right and the wrong. 
And in this vision, our duties remain, our responsibilities, obligations and commitments remain, but we do them without the fight, complain and resistance that generally accompany most of our actions. We let the struggle go and, instead, we flow with what is, allowing both the ups and downs of life to come and go, as they certainly will. 

Once in a while, or as often as we are able to, we need to come back to this vision of the whole, to the vision of the universe expressing as all that is, and to rest in it. 

At each moment when we are called to act we bring our love, strength and intelligence to that act. But instead of doing it in fear and resistance, we act in freedom, we act in the vision that everything is manifesting exactly as it is supposed to be. 
And in that vision the mind opens up and relaxes, and from that opening, when required, we act in peace.

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