Retreats, May and June 2022

Dear friends,

(The retreat in May is already full. The one in April had to be cancelled but we postpone it for June).

I am very happy to invite you to a Yoga of Presence retreat.
This time, I wanted to make a more intimate retreat experience, with fewer participants, so I have organized two retreats in the same place, at a month distance, so you can choose a date more convenient to you. Both retreats will be happening in the beautiful area of a pine forest, in Campulung Muscel.

The theme of both retreats will be ‘Discovering Being, Discovering Presence’.
What is Being/Presence?
Most people, most of the time, live their lives in a state of constant planning, constant worrying, constant thinking.
Presence is the discovery of the aware silence that exist all the time, but that can only be felt when our minds slow down.
Without presence, life becomes a continues search for meaning, one which, sooner or later, will realize that was not there. 
Presence is the discovery of meaning itself. 
Presence is not just a small idea that may be nice to know. It is the difference between fullness and lack, between truth and ignorance, between connection and separation, between love and pain. 
Presence is really what brings meaning to our existence.

To become more familiar with the subject of the retreat, please read these two notes before you sign up:
Find Being
Valuing Presence

If you are interested, please check the info an sign up for one of the two retreats:
– 13th-15th May retreat here (Registration closed)
– 10th-12th June retreat here

Looking forward to hear from you!

‘When what you you do, and how you do it is informed by your deepest experience of truth and love, your life will be perfumed with a deep and abiding sense of meaning.’

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