An Experience, Now

Think of your life, the whole of your life, as experience.

Like for example, reading these words right now, is an experience.
Thinking about something we did yesterday is an experience, the experience of a thought, of a memory.
Planning for tomorrow is also an experience, the experience of planning.

Our whole life is nothing but an experience, there is only experience.

It is a strange kind of way to think about our life, but if we get it, if we understand it, it is quite powerful, quite beautiful.

Try to step away from experience, even for a second. 
It is impossible to find anything in our whole life that it is not an experience.

And going even deeper than that, all experience happens only now. 
Again, it is impossible to have an experience other than now.

Even if you think about the experience you had yesterday – let’s say you had a great party – how does this ‘party yesterday’ appears? It appears as the experience of a memory, as an image of a color, as a sensation, as a taste, as a feeling now, not yesterday.

Even our childhood, it appears as a memory, as an experience of joy or pain or anything in between, now.

It is quite amazing to see, to discover, that our whole life is nothing else but an experience appearing now.

Another example. I have a son. I am completely in love with my son. As I write these words, I am thinking of him, but all there is of my son is an experience appearing as a memory right now.
And when I see him, when he is in front of me, when I hug him, touch him, talk to him, it is still an experience, the experience of my son, appearing now. And when I think about his future, that is also an experience.

There are only two things: experience and now.
And this is all there is to our lives.
This is all there is to everything that we know, did know or will ever know. An experience appearing now.

If this is even slightly understood, isn’t it worth it to pay attention to this experience now? To bring interest and love into experience and into now?
Because they are the only two things we will ever have.

Try, on your own, to find something else…

There is nothing else.
Whatever you will find, will be an experience appearing now.

This is all our life really is: an experience, now.

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