Our Wisdom

What I call ‘our wisdom’ is our highest thoughts, our highest understanding of life. This wisdom may or may not be the uppermost wisdom, but either way, it is ‘our wisdom’.

Now, this wisdom, which is somewhere in our minds, is not always easily available. 

What is always very easily available are our superficial thoughts, the thoughts that we hear from TV, from movies, from the news, from what other people say, from what the majority of people think…thoughts that are based on fear, on complaints, on criticism, on anxiety, on worry, on jealousy, on desire…thoughts that generally, are not very wise. 

To chose a wise thought over one of these easily-available-thoughts requires a very open, aware, quiet mind. This is one reason why it is so important to have space in our minds, in order to be able to recollect, to remember, to summon up one, or more, of these wise thoughts. 

From my own experience, one could have a nice conversation (or write a book) about some very specific subjects, which means that one should ‘know’ certain things (in order to talk about something, or write a book, one needs to know what is being written or said) and then, completely fail in applying what one knows. This means that one may know something, but that knowing may not come up when needed or required. I have seen it many times both in myself and in other people: one may be talking about a very beautiful and profound idea but then, 2 seconds later, that same person may behave in a completely opposite way from what it was saying. 

But when we express our wisdom (which is in fact the expression of our love) it is truly very beautiful…beautiful for ourselves, for other people, for the whole. 
And to me, this is the meaning of our lives: to express the best of what we can be; and the best of what we can be IS to be wise. 
What I mean by expression is not necessarily in words or thoughts, or even in a book, but to express it in our actions. 

To live our lives as a manifestation of our wisdom, of our love, is the meaning of our lives.

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