Coming Home

Coming home is to return to a sense of presence, to a  sense of being, to the naked sense of ‘l am”. But often, for many people, presence and being and I am-ness are very abstract, obscure terms.

Therefore, we need to take something that is more concrete and easier to grasp. We can pay attention to the sounds, to the colors, to the shapes, to the things that appear in front of our eyes. The point is, for a moment, to step out of the mind, as opposed to be so often lost in the mind, lost in the many thoughts, problems, ideas, difficulties, plans.

In the beginning, to do this is a little struggle. It is like a taking a decision: shall I read a book or watch a movie? I want to watch the movie because it is easier, but I also want to read the book because I know I can gain more from that experience. What shall I do?

Shall I get lost on thoughts or shall I make the effort to pay attention to the moment? It is a struggle, something we need to decide, knowing that, if I do one, I cannot do the other one.

It is a struggle but, in time, as we start to find our way home, we will want, and chose, to come back home. It will be like tasting ice-cream for the first time. You try it and you say: yes! I want more of it!
But until then, the struggle will be there.

One reason why thoughts have so much power is because we truly believe that the place where they are pointing to is the place where I am going to find what I deeply want in my life: peace, and contentment, and satisfaction, and meaning. But is it true?

Thoughts take us to the past and to the future, to the problems, to the memories, to the plans. They take us to our practical life. And as important and necessary our practical life is, it is not the place to find satisfaction.

Peace, satisfaction, contentment, can only be found in the home of presence, of being, right here and now, in our naked sense of ‘l am’.

But if we haven’t found yet our way home, we need to find something that can take us closer to home, at least to the same neighborhood. And what can take us this close, is paying attention to what appears in the moment.

We definitely need to pay attention to our practical life. But we also need to find our way home.
And paying attention to the moment, is a way to get very close to it.

Right now, see what you see, hear what you hear, notice what you touch, let this moment become more alive in your experience.
And from this ‘here’, from this ‘now’, home is just around the corner.
Home is presence, is being.
Home is You.

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