The Spiritual Journey

spiritual journey-yogaIs there always a profound disharmony between presence, thoughts and emotions? Are they sometime coherent? If there is no common identity of thoughts, emotions and presence, what is at the origin of thought? The influence of other peoples’ thoughts, maybe?

Thoughts and emotions are not conscious. They are only a manifestation of something else, just like the weather does not depend on itself but on temperature and moisture. Emotions depend on thoughts, and thoughts depend on beliefs. Given a certain belief, a directly proportionate thought will appear which will create a directly proportionate emotion. A disharmonious belief will create a disharmonious thought which will create a disharmonious emotion. A harmonious belief will create harmonious thoughts and emotions. It is really as simple as that.

Having said that, it is not simple at all because most of our beliefs are deeply hidden in our psychology, so hidden that we don’t even know that they are there. These beliefs are so deeply ingrained that we don’t see them as beliefs at all, but as facts. And at the root of all beliefs is the ‘great’ belief, the belief that I am limited to this body-mind complex that was born and will die; that I am separated from all the rest and that I completely depends on my own resources to survive and be happy; the belief that I am here and everything else is over there, separated from me.

It is an innocent belief, very well supported by our perceptions (no different than the belief that it is the sun moving that creates the sunrise and sunset) but a mistaken belief nevertheless. Based on this belief, all the other beliefs take shape, and because this root belief is not correct, all the other consequent beliefs are not correct either, creating a disharmonious set of thoughts and emotions.

By correcting the root belief harmony is established. This correction is what can be called the spiritual journey.

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