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i-am-not-dieting-yogaThis is a letter I got recently from a friend and thought it will be useful to share it as is. Of course we all know this, but I believe it is always nice to be reminded.


Hi Carlos,

After almost 4 weeks of diet (it wasn’t optional, but necessary due to a medical intervention I just went trough), I figured out how much of the food we eat fulfills a basic need of the body and how much we consume as a result of emotional needs, lust, habit, etc. No doubt, there’s a much higher percent of the latter.

I also noticed that it has been much easier for me to follow the diet because it was a “medical restriction”, which made me think that a healthy diet, in general, is not actually something hard to follow; we just lack the right motivation. During this period I could only eat fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, basic proteins and had to avoid flour based products, sweets, alcohol and all kinds of drinks except for water and fresh homemade juice. The result is that I lost 5 kg, my body feels much, much better and have a lot more energy. Before surgery I had several attempts for a similar diet but I quit every time after a few days because I felt it was a burden…

I can’t wait to get back to your classes. I hope that will be next week, though I have to take it slowly because my body is still recovering.

Have a nice weekend,


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  1. Silvia

    The more you read, the easier it is to get rid of unhealthy habits thus changing your lifestyle through simple pieces of advise. What I have also discovered that reading about negative effects is more powerful. I’ve quit smoking after reading a whole book about the 4000 (or something) toxic chemicals found in the simple “social habit” of smoking. Regarding food…well I could write pages about the power of fruits and veggies. To summarize: we are what we eat!
    Good luck Cata!

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