A Matter of Choice – TEDx Cluj

The video of the talk I gave at TEDx Cluj on November 2, 2013, is finally online.

Seeing the video, I can see how challenging it was for me to be there. Also, I realize how many ideas I tried to cramp together in one short talk. Still, the message I tried to convey is there and the value of it remains very close to my heart.

In case you prefer to read it rather than hear it,  here  is a written version of the talk.

I hope you enjoy it,



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  1. Alex

    It’s nice 🙂
    you were very emotioned probably, in front of so many people and with those red lights pointed in your eyes, but everything you say is good value and yet at a “manageable” level for our modern asleep minds.
    you should speak more often in similar occasions, I’m sure after a while you will get more relaxed and calm, and you will smile and be yourself, and you’ll surely improve many lives. looking forward for your next talks

  2. Mirela

    Congratulation Carlos! I am so happy to see you on that stage:) This is a good sign, that people who believe in compassion are appreciated and recognised.

  3. carmen goldenberg

    Beautiful …. Congratulations Carlos and be blessed for sharing with us your wisdom !!!!!!!! This is so touching listening this .Thank you !

  4. Alex

    Congratulations, Carlos! I am very proud and happy for you! Thank you for sharing these moments with us, thank you for sharing your life choices with us! My way to a balanced life started with you! Tank you! 🙂 Hugs, Alex

  5. Danita

    Listening you for so many times talking about quiet and clear mind, I could see in this talk that you wanted to compress in few minutes all the ideas you share during several classes. So, because I can se you are able to, please think on several other TED talks to explain each idea, because each of them is valuable.

  6. Raúl

    Que linda charla Carlos! Una alegria verte y escucharte haciendo esfuerzo por estar ahí, y consiguiendolo. Inspiraste en nosotros la posibilidad de volver a ahora.
    Cariños de María Julia y míos.

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