Supported Headstand pose


Sanskrit name: Salamba Shirshasana

The yoga pose where the body rests on one’s head and forearms, bend around the head.
This pose is known as the “Queen” of poses as well.

Recommendations and precautions:

  • Not recommended in case of low or high blood pressure.
  • The pose requires preparatory exercises, thus this pose will be attempted in advanced stages.

Physical benefits:

  • Profound stimulation of cerebral blood flow
  • Stimulates blood circulating to and from one’s feet
  • Improves heart function, memory and focus
  • Stimulates and regulates the abdominal area
  • Helps in case of insomnia

This pose is one of the strongest. It strengthens the body and prepares us for meditation.
Enjoy it and other during Yogilates classes. Learn more here.

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