The saw


The Saw is a core Pilates exercise.

While in a sitting position on the ground, with one’s legs wide open, wider than the length of one’s shoulders, the body is rotated so that the small finger of each hand touches the opposite’s foot exterior.

Recommendations and precautions:

  • The rotation is conducted from the abdominal area, returning to the center to straighten up the spine.
  • During the rotation, both legs and hips remain on the ground.
  • It is recommended to open and tense one’s palms to better control the move.

Physical benefits:

  • Stretches the spine and increases its flexibility.
  • Strengthens abdominal muscles, especially the external and internal oblique muscles.
  • Stimulates connections between the two brain hemispheres.
  • Decompresses the ribs and vertebrae, leading to better breathing.

When you work, use your breathing to extend the stretch.
Practice the Saw exercises during Yogilates classes. Learn more here.

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