Criss cross


Cross abdominal exercises are a core Pilates workout, meant to strengthen the abdomen, with an emphasis on the oblique abdominal muscles.
While laying on the ground, with one’s head raised, supported by both hands, and the legs at a 90 degrees angle, the body rotates from the abdomen so that each elbow touches the opposing knee. Un leg bends, while the other stretches, alternatively.

Recommendations and precautions:

  • Avoid pressuring the neck area and resist the temptation to bring one’s elbows to your ears.
  • The lumbar area and the entire spine continue to touch the ground.

Physical benefits:

  • Strengthens abdominal muscles, especially the oblique abdominal muscles.
  • Stretches back muscles during each rotation.

As in all Pilates exercises, it is important to synchronize breathing and movement.
Practice the Cross Abdominal exercises during Yogilates classes. Learn more here.


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