About Presence – the book

About Presence is a collection of short notes inspired by the author’s search for truth and by the discussions with his students and mentors. No ‘spiritual jargon’, no examples that seem far-fetched. Simple, clear, down-to-earth writing, that points to the true nature of ourselves.

The book is available in Cărturești.

You can also order an English copy below:

About Presence – A journey into ourselves

The book is also available in Romanian language. You can find it at Editura Vellant and in most bookstores.

Florin Tudose, the translator, says: „Cartea de fata ajuta. Ajuta cu adevarat. Pentru ca autorul ei a gasit, cumva, calea de-a condensa ani multi de cautari si de practica spirituala in cuvinte clare si explicatii simple. […] Carlos e un medic de suflete. Din categoria celor sinceri si fara ambitii ascunse care sa le otraveasca subteran demersul. Din cei din care lumea n-a avut niciodata suficienti.”

Read here the translator’s intro to the book.