About Presence – the book

About Presence is a collection of short notes inspired by the author’s search for truth and by the discussions with his students and mentors. No ‘spiritual jargon’, no examples that seem far-fetched. Simple, clear, down-to-earth writing, that points to the true nature of ourselves.

The book is available in Cărturești.

You can also order an English copy below:

About Presence – A journey into ourselves

Romanian version – “Despre prezenta”

The book is also available in Romanian language. You can find it at Editura Vellant and in most bookstores.

Florin Tudose, the translator, says: „Cartea de fata ajuta. Ajuta cu adevarat. Pentru ca autorul ei a gasit, cumva, calea de-a condensa ani multi de cautari si de practica spirituala in cuvinte clare si explicatii simple. […] Carlos e un medic de suflete. Din categoria celor sinceri si fara ambitii ascunse care sa le otraveasca subteran demersul. Din cei din care lumea n-a avut niciodata suficienti.”

Read here the translator’s intro to the book.

Romanian version – Audiobook

I am very glad to let you know that the audio of my book ‘Despre Prezență’ is out!
It is read by Florin Piersic Jr in his well known profound and beautiful voice.
I truly hope you will enjoy it.
You can find the audiobook here.
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